1. My role is to continue to campaign and research to maintain public ownership and management status for the Forest of Dean, plus prevent gas exploration from taking place in the area, and particularly on public land.
2. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have been notified I am setting myself up as a sole trader business, and I will be responsible for my own tax returns.
3. I am capping subscriptions at the Living Wage, which works out as £1,500 per month before tax (£8.25 per hour, 40 hours per week). In the event of reaching this goal, I will then suspend subscriptions. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme but a means of financial survival. I also have no debts to pay off, pay rent rather than a mortgage and am content to live within modest means.
4. People can unsubscribe whenever they like (as well as subscribe).
5. While working with groups Hands Off Our Forest and Frack Off Our Forest, I am working subject to decisions made by the groups on the groups’ behalf. However, in some circumstances I also maintain independent research blogs and act on my own initiative (while consulting various people and groups and taking advice and counsel).
6. I maintain my independence and the groups’ independence from any influence, political or otherwise. I will not be subject to the demands of any subscribers (though I am happy to receive advice, help and expertise). My “boss” is the public Forest land.
7. I cannot take on every single related battle, and recognise others are embroiled in other land rights and conservation campaigns, many of which I support but others have already taken responsibility for.
8. I support a working Forest as well as one dedicated to leisure and conservation. I therefore support sustainable and small-scale industry within the Forest, plus timber production, as well as the rights, traditions and customary privileges (whichever description applies on a legal basis) of freeminers, commoners and Verderers. The key test is whether any activities exclude or alienate the public as a whole from accessing the Forest.
9. I recognise there may be some people who don’t agree with what I do, or the campaigns.
10. I will maintain the anonymity of subscribers, if they so wish.
11. I will keep subscribers and visitors to this site up to date on the total monthly subscriptions, plus link to relevant campaign sites and research and initiatives I have been involved in.
12. I pledge to continue to do all I can to achieve the goals of banishing the threat of gas exploration, maintaining public ownership of the Forest of Dean, and striving for more public accountability from the Forestry Commission – each without compromise.
13. You can subscribe any amount you like, but I hope you will set the amount up as a direct debit rather than as a single donation so I can maintain an income.
14. Although the concept behind this ‘Forest Advocate’ role came from friends, colleagues and neighbours, it was conceived independently of both campaigns and has not been agreed or discussed within the campaigns’ steering groups or admins. It is my independent initiative (albeit supported by others) and I take responsibility for its set up. It should not – and must not – detract from the campaigns themselves.
15. I cannot promise I will achieve these aims, but I promise I will do everything I can and not give up the object of keeping the Forest of Dean in public hands and stop potential gas or oil exploration.


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